Processing of Cashmere


Individual fleeces are carefully inspected for classification of value and final use of the raw material.



The cleaning process removes grease and dirt from the fibre before being rinsed in clean water, passed through squeeze rolls and dried in a hot air chamber.



This is a key process in Cashmere preparation. Dehairing of Cashmere separates the long guard hairs from the shorter, finer and softer fibers greatly valued for luxury garments.



This process uses a system of wire rollers to straighten the fibers and to prepare the Cashmere for spinning.



This process takes the Cashmere and twists it into yarn. Twisting strands increases the strength and creates the continuous yarn necessary for knitting our garments.



This process dyes the yarn in your desired color.



Your favourite garment is knit by interlocking rows of yarn loops. As new loops are formed, they are drawn through those previously shaped and this eventually results in the desired product.



The final step in Cashmere processing is quality control. Each garment is individually inspected and every imperfection is rejected. Only the best garments make it to our shelves.