Care Instructions


For Cashmere garments, the washing process is simple. Start by hand washing the garment in cold water, using baby shampoo or a mild alternative as the detergent. Soak for 20 minutes and then lay the garment flat to dry. This process is suggested rather than drycleaning, which can deteriorate the Cashmere. Moreover, all natural baby shampoo is less harsh on the fibres compared to a regular detergent. Cashmere can be washed often, but it is not necessary after every wear.

To avoid 'Felting', a 'No Rinse' concept is best. This process keeps the Cashmere from being overhandled. Not all shampoo is 'No Rinse', so make sure you read the directions before using.

Front Loading Machine: While hand washing is best, using a front loading washing machine is okay. Use the 'Delicate' or 'Hand Wash' setting with a low spin and only use Cold Water.

Top Loader: We do not recommend using a top loader when washing your Cashmere garments.

By Hand: Soak the garment in a basin of cold water. Gently massage the shampoo into the garment, soak for 20 minutes and then gently squeeze out excess water (do not ring garments).


After washing, gently squeeze out all the excess water. Lay flat on a dry, clean towel and roll it to remove excess water. After these steps, 'Block' the garment. Blocking is shaping the garment back into its original shape. Allow to dry away from direct sunlight or heat, as this will damage the garment.

NEVER put Cashmere in a dryer.


When ironing a Cashmere garment, use the wool setting on your iron. With a pressed cloth, iron on the inside of the fabric (inside out). A steamer is a great alternative.


All natural fibres Pill. Pills are little balls of fibre that gather on your sweater, usually in areas of friction. Pilling is a natural occurence and will most likely happen on your garment. To remove, start the washing instructions but stop when the garment is still wet. This is the best time to pick off the pills with your fingers. This will keep your garment looking fresh and new.

DO NOT use a Sweater Stone as this may damage your garment.

Tip: Washing your Sweater on a regular basis helps to reduce the 'Pilling Effect'.


When you are not wearing your garment, it should be properly stored in an air tight container or bag. Pests, such as moths, are attracted to body odours. These pests will quickly eat a hole in your garment if not properly stored.

Before storing, make sure the garment is dry and clean. Body oils, perfumes and deodorants can discolour the fiber over time.

In addition to storing the Cashmere properly, sachets of lavender or cedar balls are a great way to repel bugs.

If you are concerned about bugs or moths being in your garments, place the article in a plastic bag and place in your freezer for a minimum of 2 days. This will kill moths and larvae.