Experience & Artisanship

We turn every Black Goat garment into a unique item. The various production steps are key to this process, with the human hand playing an important role.

Nomadic herdsmen still form the majority of the population in Mongolia, and their way of life has changed little in centuries. Harvesting cashmere from their goats has long been the main source of income for the rural Mongolian people. Cashmere wool provides the protection that allows goats to survive at high altitude on the open steppe, where conditions are harsh, cold and treacherous. The insulating properties of cashmere are up to eight times warmer than regular wool.

In Mongolia, cashmere is hand-combed from each goat in the spring, as the weather warms and the undercoat naturally begins to shed. Unlike shearing or clipping, which strips the goat of its entire fleece, hand combing allows for the separation of the finest combings from the coarser combings and leaves the goat with its guard hairs intact, providing better protection from wind and rain.

Yarn spun with long cashmere that has good crimp (a curly texture) has better strength and durability, as well as being fine and soft. Mongolia’s dry and cold climate, elevation, and herding traditions are ideal for the production of the highest quality cashmere. After processing, the combings yield only about 50% by weight in cashmere. Thus, it takes combings from between three and four goats to produce just one cashmere sweater! Cashmere wool provides for superior warmth without weight and is exceptionally soft and durable.

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