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The Remy family knows cashmere. In 2011, after more than two decades working with cashmere, Robert and Claudia Remy with their son Charles, launched their first Black Goat Cashmere boutique on South Granville Street, in Vancouver, Canada. Their second Vancouver boutique quickly followed, this time located on West Georgia Street. By 2015, Black Goat Cashmere had opened its doors in Toronto, Ontario in the prestigious Yorkville district, and, in May 2016, another boutique was opened on Government Street in Victoria, B.C. The following year, in 2017, the company introduced The Coat Room, a boutique dedicated to cashmere outerwear, located on West Georgia Street in Vancouver, Canada. .

About the Brand

Designed in Canada, Black Goat Cashmere offers premium quality 100 percent cashmere merchandise for both men and women in a wide variety of styles and colours. Each piece reflects meticulous attention to quality, fit, design and colours.
"Black Goat Cashmere only uses the long strands of cashmere which are known for durability and high quality."

Every season the designer features a new collection built on stylish, unique, yet timeless pieces meant to be enjoyed year after year.

Black Goat Cashmere offers a curated collection of wardrobe options for every taste. Each boutique offers customers a complete personal shopping experience. Every member of the styling team is committed to excellent customer service, from helping customers find the perfect fit to recommending wardrobe options for each season and every occasion. .

Sourced from Mongolia, the cashmere is harvested from the goat herd every spring, when the natural shedding process begins. Throughout the cold winter months, the goats grow a thick, lush coat to protect them from the elements. Using the long strands from the belly, chin, and cheeks delivers a resilient, strong and incredibly soft cashmere fiber.

With the success of its 5 boutiques, Black Goat Cashmere looks forward to exciting growth in the years ahead.

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